September 29, 2023
Why Shedrack Best Is the Best For Plateau State Professor Shedrack Best

Why Shedrack Best Is the Best For Plateau State

By Mubarak Isa Bilal

Now, in the Governorship race comes 2023, enters Professor Shedrack Best, a renowned academic, loyal servant, versatile personality who is endowed with uncommon intellect  capacity. 

He is full of humility and experience  spanning his existential activities, governance, community service, youth activism, peace building, security management and civil society. Here is a man whose thesis on various human endeavours has been adopted as a theory and  reference material  cited in development initiatives  and other public fora.

His involvement in the murky waters of Nigerian politics and particularly that of Plateau would no doubt made a difference, going by his pedigree. He came from the background of community peace building, having worked in many conflict areas across Nigeria, West Africa and Africa and beyond. He then served briefly as Special Adviser Peace building to Governor Jonah Jang at a time of turbulence in the state and opened doors of dialogue between hitherto hostile communities. He thereafter served as the Secretary to the Plateau government of Plateau State, during the administration. Being an acknowledged and critical mud active actor in the nation peace building architecture, his wealth of experience would be immensely relevant in the search for sustainable peace in the state.

It was an undisputable fact that during his stint as the state scribe, to being the engine room of government, he helped to articulate, sharpen and execute the redemption vision and mission of the Jonah Jang’s administration. No wonder, this impacted positively on the well-being of the citizens of Plateau till  the present time.

Similarly, Professor Shedrack Best had formulated various policy initiatives which were adopted for implementation in the discharge of government business.

It is pertinent to state that, now that the quest for another credible material to steer the ship of governance in Plateau State is about in the offing, it is very important for the electorate to critically examine the potentials that are inherent in the personalities that may present themselves for consideration as the next Governor of the state.

Clearly, what Plateau needs is a man that possesses the dexterity, orientation, brilliance, experience, the power of communication, and national and international exposure to lead the state. Plateau further  needs a personality with the intellectual wherewithal, humility, completely de-tribalised and with cognate understanding of all the issues needed to drive the state to the future, and to radically depart from the odds way of doing things. There is need to harvest and actualise the  socio-economic indices and potentials that will transform the fortunes of Plateau state and its populace, especially the downtrodden, from economic hardship. At this perilous moment, Nigeria and Plateau State in particular need tested people with acknowledged proven integrity of honesty and patriotism like Professor Shedrack Best to administer the affairs of the state and Nigeria at large.

Plateau State in the present circumstance need someone that is egalitarian and populist by his orientation, a man like Professor Best who will listen and operate an open-door policy with an easy access. We need the person of Professor Shedrack Best to create the needed balance between peace and security, to unite the state and its people, and pursues robust development in all sectors, hinging on edge cutting technology for all and sundry. Support this personality who is imbued with human concern, passion, compassion, shares commonality with the less-privileged in society. Best is the best choice for Plateau to salvage the people from economic hardship and for massive development across the boundaries of the state irrespective of ethnic or religious prejudice or acrimony.

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