June 9, 2023
Support group to Zaura: Declare now or get sued A.A Zaura

Support group to Zaura: Declare now or get sued

By Saidu Muhammad

Asocio-political group formed based on the belief of A.A Zaura’s political ideology, which prioritizes human capital and educational development among others, has called on Alhaji Abdussalam Abdulkarim Zaura to declare for the gubernatorial position of Kano State on or before April 30 this year.““““““

The Coordinator Alhaji Bello Lawan Bello said in a statement issued to journalists after a meeting with coalition of A A Zaura Support Groups, that after background checks on all the major contenders seeking the number one position in Kano, AA Zaura remains the best option for the state in the present circumstances, considering his age, humility, compassion, emotional Intelligence, humanitarian gestures and above all his ability to bridge the gap between the old and younger generation.

He further cited the humanitarian activities being carried out by the AA Zaura Foundation across the state as the reason why he should declare and contest so as to continue the excellent work.

“Looking at the excellent contributions he has made thorough his foundation, imagine what he will when he clinches the number one position,” he said.

““““““““““““““The group also pledged to mobilize at-least five million votes through various programmes and projects for the aspirant, should he heed the call to declare and contest. “Of course, we are ready to enter every nook and cranny of Kano State to make sure we deliver at least five million votes for him,” he added.

The group said their unshakable commitment to this course made it necessary to use law to compel the philanthropist to vie for the state first citizen, so as to gain from his vast expertise and network as a successful international business tycoon, by returning the lost glory of Kano as the centre of commerce and placing the state on the global world map. “Of course we are going to court straight should the ultimatum ends without him declaring” the coordinator added.

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