September 28, 2023
Secondary school development: ANCOPSS commends KNSG

Secondary school development: ANCOPSS commends KNSG

By Ibrahim Muhammad

The President of Kano State chapter of All Nigeria Confederation of Principals of Secondary Schools (ANCOPSS), Alhaji Safiyanu Muhammad Na’abba, who doubles as Director of Rumfa College in the state, has said that in 2023 to 2024 school session, there is early resumption of students and teachers in all boarding and secondary schools in the state.

He said before the resumption of students, grasses and refuse in the schools had been cleared to ensure sanitation and provision of good atmosphere for learning.

He said all the school students obeyed the directive given by the state Commissioner of Education to boarding students who promptly resumed on Sunday and also students of day schools who resumed on Monday with all teachers starting normal lessons.
He said principals of schools and directors in the state were doing their best to assist the effort of government in bringing everything that would support the development of education and ensure good teaching without waiting for the government to provide them.

He commended the state Ministry of Education, under its commissioner, Alhaji Umar Haruna Doguwa, for providing boarding schools with enough food items.

He said they were happy with the step taken by the government, adding that the gesture showed its commitment and care for students of boarding schools, unlike in the previous administration.

He said 90 to 95 per cent of the students of boarding and day schools resumed back to schools after the long vacation unlike previously, where by some would add one or two weeks to resume.
Alhaji Na’abba said the stakeholders of Ministry of Education have gone round to schools to ensure the students resumed during the first day.

He said the Executive Secretary of secondary schools board came and led the assembly session at Rumfa College early in the morning.
“This put courage in students and gave them more confidence in their studies,” he remarked.

He also commended the state government for its efforts in bringing back all the teachers, who are deserved to teach, but were working in some other places, to come and teach in public schools. He said: “This action will bring more progress in teaching.”
Alhaji Na’abba called on principals and directors of schools to always exercise patience and work hard in attending school in time, describing it as very important for them because teachers will emulate from them and also the students will copy everything.
The president of the association expressed optimism that with the new administration in the state, many changes would come their ways, noting that the administration, in just 100 days, came with many things for educational development in the state.
Alhaji Na’abba also praised the efforts of the state government for introducing support fund to secondary schools through School Based Management Committee.

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