September 29, 2023
NNPP’s partnering with non-governmental organisation: Good governance in Jigawa

NNPP’s partnering with non-governmental organisation: Good governance in Jigawa

By Lawan A. Kazaure

The interactive session between the Next Jigawa Group and the Guberna­torial Candidate of the NNPP Malam Aminu Ibrahim Ringim which took place at Dutse, the Capital of Jigawa State, last Friday the 19th of August, 2022 has been concluded with a smiling faces & enthusiasm.

The ex­citement that comes from the participants of two sides could never be overemphasized.

The Next Jigawa Group were particularly overwhelmed with the kind of reception they were accorded having being valued and re­garded with esteem consideration from the Jigawa State Chapter of the NNPP.

Interestingly, the Group were much anx­ious about the trending circumstances the State find its self in the business of gover­nance and as such, they came out boldly yearning for a paradigm shift. They collabo­rated with International

Donor Agencies like PERL-ECP and FCDO and produce a document which cov­ers about 11 key sectors of government busi­ness particularly, in the areas of Agriculture and Environment, Commerce, Education, Health, ICT &Digital Economy, Internally Generated Revenue, Manpower Manage­ment, Public Financial Management, Women &People with Disability &Social inclusion, Infrastructure as well as Social Reorienta­tion.

The group were determine to unite the State by encompassing the Development Forum/Associations of the Five Emirates of Hadejia, Kazaure, Gumel, Ringim and Du­tse by bringing them into one common fold thus, making them work &understand the importance of achieving a common objec­tive of making Jigawa a prosperous State. Together they develop a “2023 Citizen Char­ter of Demand”and subsequently, decided to have linkages with Political Parties, Candi­dates and other Non-State Actors with a view to harmonizing the Citizen Needs with that of the Political Party’s Manifestoes.

While making his presentation, the Chairman of the Next Jigawa Group, Pro­fessor Usman Haruna who is currently a Senior Lecturer on Agricultural Economics with Federal University in Dutse, further emphasised that, the philosophy of the group is to support leaders along with PERL-ECP &FCDO with an idea that will guide them towards good governance as well as sensi­tising the political class the paramount of fostering and upholding issue-based cam­paigns as well as advocate for the necessary need towards enhancing social reorientation amongst the citizenry.

The well researched Charter Demand was given well beforehand, to all the Gubernato­rial Candidates of the various political parties in order for them to peruse and be acquainted with the Citizen Needs, demand and wishes shall any one of them become the head of the affairs of the state come 2023. Consequently, they further requested to have an interactive session with them so that, they could know whether they have the necessary knowledge, skills, capacity, politeness and amiability for leadership. They deliberately, decided to know this, in their capacity as one of the critical stakeholders and change agents in the society each one of them lives.

Moreover, the outcome of the discussion will enable them to tailor the stage for the Stakeholders engagement through public enlightenment. This is in addition to un­veiling its action plan before other critical stakeholders like the traditional institutions so that they could partner in the actualization of good conduct during the electioneering campaign.

In strengthening its wisdom of collabo­ration, the Next Jigawa Group allows each Emirate Chapter of the Development Asso­ciation as well as other Non-governmental Organisations present their separate Demand systematizing it with their People’s need in their particular areas and accordingly, the Charter contains background information, Key Issues, Situation Analysis, Best Practice as well as proposed solution &Recommen­dations necessary needed for any incoming administration to commence its program of action.

Ringim intimidating political participation proves to be more conversant with the pro­cesses, rules, &procedures of governance.

Frightening enough, is the Malam Aminu Ibrahim Ringim’s political profile which is highly intimidating when compares with those of his counterparts in other political parties, being an astute politician of over 40 years experience, out of which he spent over 30 in the government circle. Alhaji Aminu, a former elected Member of the House of Representatives had severally served as Commissioner, Special Adviser respectively. He was also the Pioneer Chairman of the State Independent Electoral Commission (SIEC) and was a Member of the 2003/04 Constitutional Conference.

The incorruptible NNPP Gubernatorial Candidate, Aminu Ringim was at the corri­dor of power for 12 years serving Ibrahim Saminu Turaki and Sule Lamido’s Admin­istrations both as Chief of Staff. The astute Political Strategist was twice the Jigawa State PDP Gubernatorial Candidate for 2015 &2019 Governorship Elections respectively. Unlike some politicians seeking political of­fice, Malam Aminu Ibrahim Ringim left all offices unindicted for any allegations of corruption, let alone to face a Criminal Pros­ecution in a Court of Law for abuse of office or embezzlement of public funds.

Indeed, People of the above mentioned personality, who regarded &valued integ­rity with higher esteem, much more than en­richment through ill-gotten wealth &abuse of public office are the like that, any non governmental organization is looking for partnership in governance. And in order to ensure transparency and accountability in leadership, NNPP remains the only hope for the people of Jigawa State which undoubted­ly, shares a common objective with the Next Jigawa Group. In view of the above circum­stances, it is absolutely necessary for both parties to have a synergy of common under­standing towards ensuring the implementa­tion of the purposeful leadership, transpar­ency in governance, unity and development.

The summary of the important points at the interactive session is the deliberate as­surance given by Malam Aminu Ibrahim Ringim while rounding up the business. He assured the Next Jigawa Group his commit­ment to implementation of the charter of de­mands which amongst others, would form part of the Party’s overall policy strategic document. He further emphasizes that Moni­toring and Evaluation mechanisms would be established and strengthened with an en­abling legislation in all sectoral interventions in order to ensure transparency, accountabil­ity in governance.

Kazaure is a former Editorial Staff, Tri­umph Newspaper, Kano.

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