September 28, 2023
Nigerian youths need education most –Prof. Tanko Prof. Adamu Idris Tanko

Nigerian youths need education most –Prof. Tanko

By Shafiu A. Yahaya

The Vice Chancellor of Baba Ahmad University, Kano, Prof. Adamu Idris Tanko, has said that what the youths of the country need most is education.

Prof. Tanko made the assertion while speaking with our reporter in Kano recently.

He said the youths also need proper guidance for them to be more patriotic and inculcate the love of the country and humanity at the back of their minds.

He explained that empowering them is a key towards societal development.

He is of the view that youths should be equipped with skills for them to remain productive members of the society.

He gave example of those who are involved in GSM repairs and selling as well as film making, believing that doing away with their markets would remain a disaster to the society as they were adding more values to the economic growth of the nation.

Prof. Tanko said such action would not auger well for the society as it may result to breaching of peace and stability in the community.

He said the only alternative is to make sure that whatever is wrong in the society is corrected, saying that the youths only need correction from elders for a better community.

He also spoke on the recent strike by the nation’s universities, which last for about eight months.

He described the strike as unfortunate, adding that it had great impact on the nation which may be noticed in future, especially if measure were not taken towards bringing normalcy in the nation’s educational system.

According to him, the situation is just like the case of non recruitment of new civil servants for quite some time in the nation, which impact is being felt at present when more and more workers were retiring without their replacement.

He said civil service is a well coordinated system whereby old ones in it get retired while new ones are coming on board, saying that any distortion to the system may affect it negatively.

Prof. Tanko said it was high time for elders and leaders in the country to think twice and allow for the younger generation to take charge of the affairs of the nation so that they, as elders, would serve as counselors and play their elderly role to the young ones, just as in the case of Netherland, where its president resigned voluntarily.

He she allowed someone to lead the country from where she stopped.

He said this could only be possible with the fear of God in the minds of the leaders and patriotism to the country.

During the interaction, the Vice Chancellor was together with some officials of the university, to include Mr. Samuel O., its Registrar, Malam Shuaibu Inuwa Mora and Public Relation Officer, Hajiya Maryam Sani Gano.

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