March 22, 2023
Kano LP decries interference by outsider

Kano LP decries interference by outsider

By Usman Gwadabe

As this year’s general election approaches, Kano State chapter of the Labour Party (LP) and its candidates forum, has called for an urgent intervention over interferences made by a non-card-carrying member of the party.

This was made known at a press conference presided over by the state chairman of the party, Alhaji Muhammad Abdullahi Raji, which was held at the party’s headquarters in the state, recently.

According to him, the state campaign Director General has been making statements and decisions on behalf of the party without the approval of the party leadership, which could potentially harm its image and reputation.

The chairman said: “The LP candidates’ forum has expressed concerns that this situation could threaten the unity and stability of the party at a critical time when the party needs to be focused on preparing for the upcoming elections.

“This is a time for the party to build momentum, garner support, and promote its policies and values. Any distraction could be detrimental to its efforts.

“The LP and its Candidates Forum are therefore urging the party leadership to take swift action to address the situation and prevent further damage. “We are also calling for a review of the party’s membership list to ensure that similar situations are not occurring else where.

Raji stressed that “the forum have reiterated their commitment to the principles and values of the party and are urging all members to respect the party’s constitution and guidelines. “We are also urging all members to work together, remain united, and focus on the party’s objectives and goals, as the elections draw nearer.”

The statement maintained that: “When members of a political party are united, they can present a strong and coherent vision to the public, which can help them to win elections and achieve their objectives. “However, if they are divided or fighting amongst themselves, it can weaken their position and make them less effective.”

He urged party card-carrying members to work together, respect each other’s opinions and focus on its common goals. “This is essential to create a unified and effective political movement.

“The LP and its Candidates Forum are calling on the national leadership of the party to intervene urgently to address the situation with the non-card-carrying member.

“This intervention is crucial for the party to maintain its integrity, build momentum, and prepare for the upcoming elections. “With a united front, the party can present itself as a formidable force with strong values, policies, and leadership,” the chairman concluded.

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