June 2, 2023
Jigawa Pension Board pays 1.2bn to 725 retirees Governor Muhammad Badaru

Jigawa Pension Board pays 1.2bn to 725 retirees

The Jigawa State State and Local Governments Contributory Pension Scheme Board has paid  over 1.2 billion as terminal benefits to 725  retired and deceased civil servants in the State.
This was disclosed by the Executive Secretary of the Board Hon.Hashim Ahmed Fgam while speaking to the press.
He further explained that the beneficiaries were drawn from the State government  , Local goverments and Local education authorities who left service by attaining retirement age or died in active  service .
Alhaji Fagam stated that 192 workers left service at the State government,148 from the local government and 194 from local education authorities .He noted that “ 46 people died in service at the state government,39 died from local government and 45 died from the local government education authorities.”
According to him” a total sum of  N554,205,731.26 was paid to 263 retired workers in the State government,N260,418,895.68 was paid to 205 retired workers from the local governments and N408,047,402.65 for 257 retired workers from local education authorities .
The Executive secretary commended Governor Mohammed Badaru Abubakar for his tremendous support to the scheme and makes the best model in the country.

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