September 18, 2023
Jigawa 2023: Mallam Danmodi The Political  Game Changer

Jigawa 2023: Mallam Danmodi The Political Game Changer

By Ahmad Muhammad Danyaro

No one doubts, personality is no substitute for intellect, not only simplicity, but leader’s intellect alone is useless without a personality.

It is in this light that I bring you the Deputy Governor of Jigawa State and APC gubernatorial flag bearer in the 2023 general elections, Mallam Umar Namadi (Dan Modi) who is always willing to serve, rather than to be served.

I mean to serve the humanity despite the fact that the way is thorny, slippery, narrow, dusty, but easy, having in mind people like Namadi.

Mallam Namadi  is one of the few public servants  who stood firm to ensure that they are not swallowed by the position they occupy, or the power they muster, the chance they got, the excuses they may give, the financial status they may possess, and the institutions they may have as defenders.

Many others in his  shoes, got intoxicated by the unlimited paraphernalia of power and ultimately got swallowed shrewdly by their positions thereby, forgetting their roles as servants of the  people who sincerely  elected them.

Described by most people as gentle, generous, humble, and trustworthy and down -to- earth, Mallam Umar  no doubt, displayed high and esteemed leadership qualities which endeared him , not only to Governor Mohammed Badaru who identified his potentials  but also the people of Jigawa state in general.

Believed widely as a person who matches his words with sustained action, Dan Modi is one of the few leaders who have never been involved in any form of scandal, dishonesty or betray of public trust, traits reminiscence of most our modern day politicians.

He has made exceptional strides in special intervention in the areas of education, health, agriculture, women/youth empowerment
Dan Modi as he fondly called by his admirers combines a rare academic capability with administrative and organizational ability. 

This is evident in the many strategic administrative positions and challenges he had been given over the years in his private/public life and he has discharged with fortitude and uncommon success.
Leaders , especially the cerebral and the professionally oriented ones, tend to be influenced by their background and professional training in dealing with specific issues in governance.

They find it more expedient providing solutions to their challenge through their professional windows, and oftentimes .it has worked for them because they are playing in a turf where they are masters. This is an unprecedented case of Mallam Umar Namadi, a chartered accountant of repute and manager of people and resources of unique standing.

He has pledged to take the advantage of his contact and access in both private and public sectors in Nigeria and oversees in attracting real investment, infrastructural development, making Jigawa state the number one investment destination, capacity building for the women and youth, exploration of agricultural potentials.

Mallam Umar Namadi sees Jigawa not as a doomed state but: ‘an industrious, entrepreneurial state, robust in growth, rich in culture, vibrant in labor and attractive for investment…..’he widely believed to be the personality that is equipped with the pedigree, integrity and capacity to drive the state through the pathway of phenomenal positive changes to a destination where it is confidently and truly reflect “Jigawa : The new World”   following the path of unprecedented development of the state piloted  by the outgoing Badaru  administration”.

Governor Badaru’s survival in Jigawa a politics is a testimony of the fact that political performance that is people-oriented always pays off.

In every sector of the state, Governor Badaru has distinguished himself so well to the extent that the main opposition party, the Peoples Democratic Party  (PDP) has been battling to get its message across to the people of the state, without any success.
Despite the dwindling income of governments across the country, Jigawa  State has remained the only state where workers receive their salaries latest 25th of every month.

Governor Badaru has also ensured the completion of all the projects inherited by his administration; at a time other political leaders play politics with people-oriented projects.

This enviable track record by Badaru and the APC sets the pace for Danmodi’s emergence as the next governor of Jigawa State.

Danmodi himself flaunts excellent records in his academics and career, both in the public and private sectors.

While people can easily say a few negative things about other gubernatorial contenders in the state, the case of Danmodi is totally different.

He is a man with an impeccable record of good performance. The choice of Mallam Umar Namadi has really shown that Governor Badaru means well for the state.

Danyaro is the Senior Special Assistant (Print Media) to Jigawa State Executive Governor and can be reached at     

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