September 28, 2023
If elected, I’ll defeat kidnapping, others –Tinubu Tinubu in Kano Rally

If elected, I’ll defeat kidnapping, others –Tinubu

By Usman Usman Garba

The All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Sen. Ahmad Bola Tinubu has promised to restore back peace and fight all the criminal activities bedeviling the country for years, ranging from kidnapping, violence, terror and other crimes where persons will be moving freely without any fear or anxiety nationwide.

The presidential candidate declared this while interacting and expressing his political will and plans with Ulama from seven states of North-West held at Amani Event Center, Kano, which was titled: ‘Town Hall Meeting of Muslim Leaders from North-West,’ as part of activities to launch his campaign in the state.

He said: “In order to renew the hope of our people, my priority should be the protection of our life and every side of our territory. “As I did at Lagos, if elected, I plan to do same for Nigeria and even better.

“I like you to look at my action plan; it is based on strategies and equipment required to defeat terror and violence crimes. “The gangs disturbing our people from the outskirts of Sokoto to Birnin Gwari will be pursued with vigor. “Our people will be able to move freely.

I will not tolerate gangster in our roads and highways. “Reduce our roads with commitment to safety life.

The life safety must be protected. “We shall increase our security personnel and better equip them. Advance technology that could be identified, tracked and attacked the criminals until they are totally defeated.”

Tinubu also lamented that if gangsters might operate AK47, they would probably use caterpillars to clear the nation. He also promised to attack poverty by creating food security through enhanced productivity and improved fair income.

“Farming will be restored to its prominent position. The commodity exchange will back to minimum price.

“My plan is to turn this economy into robust and restore economy where those who want work will find good job. Nigeria is potential.

“We will revive the manufacturing sector, production line. We reform taxe and import policy to create job to our people.

“Thus policy will also produce goods and services that improve daily life of the average person,” he emphasized.

He has, however, promised the Ulama to create a special ministry for Almajiri system and also to be fair and just. “I stand before you today, promising that I shall conduct my campaign as I conduct myself in public office.

“So, do not let anybody lie to you. “As for election, please urge your followers to come out for vote and vote wisely, that is for me. “Let them elect the candidate with a vision for a more peaceful and prosperous Nigeria,” he urged.

He promised: “I promise to be fair and just, a just leader. This is upon the teaching of leadership. “I shall govern a harmony, with nation’s democratic constitution.”

On his part, the state governor, Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, after welcoming all the Ulama for having the opportunity to attend the event, also thanked them for their unflinching support to the presidential candidate, urging them to continue advising leaders often.

“Indeed, the Ulama, from seven states and various local governments deserve to be commended as they give their time and life to the teaching of Allah (SWT) Allah. “Today, many people and politicians complain why Ulama participate in politics? “Let me give them the answer.

If not because of their work and participation, only Allah knows where the country will find itself,” stated the governor. For Muslim-Muslim ticket, the governor highlighted that: “MuslimMuslim ticket is not new one in the country.

“In those days, Abiola and his vice president, Kingdibe were all Muslims and won election, though, military cancelled the election during the time. “Indeed, history will repeat itself in 2023 general election.”

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