June 10, 2023
Goro: Worthy representative Goro: Worthy representative

Goro: Worthy representative

By Abbas Datti

Always frown at the habit of being excessive in praising government officials, I find it hard, even if it is right. More so, I rarely assess works done by political office holders until it reached a crescendo. Thus, what pro­voked my appraisal of Rt Hon Aminu Suleiman Goro is the manner in which he remained determined, committed to representation of Fagge federal con­stituency of Kano state in the House of Representatives.

From what’s going on presently, fair and balanced distribution of dividends of democracy have noticeably reached a high gear in Fagge federal constituen­cy. I write this commendation to serve as an encouragement for others to emu­late the exemplary representation of Dr. Aminu Sulaiman Goro. I believe that good and proper representation requires one to maintain constant relationships with the constituents they represent.

The existing rapport between the legislator and the constituents will give birth to the free flow of services, there­by meeting the needs of his constitu­ency. Therefore, I don’t think I have to mince words without going directly to the main motive that triggered my eu­logising Hon Aminu Sulaiman Goro Fagge, Chairman, House Committee on Tertiary Education and Services.

For Goro, part of the cure for pov­erty is empowerment – training youths, women of poor backgrounds to organ­ise themselves and learn to get things from the power structure. Underprivi­leged needs to be assisted with grants for them to start up own businesses. Empowerment can no doubt curb the rate of poverty to a large extent. There­fore, if all the representatives can take a clue from Goro’s empowerment pro­grammes, it will help to reduce the pov­erty rate in our various communities.

That’s the case for Fagge federal constituents. To alleviate the sufferings of his constituents, Aminu Goro used to organise mass empowerment pro­grammes, thereby uplifting his people to be self-reliant. Also, it’s important to note that when it comes to legisla­tive assignment, he is very much alive to his legislative responsibilities. Dr Goro’s recent presentation of five use­ful bills with respect to the establish­ment of some institutions reinforces this claim.

These bills will see the establishment of Federal University of Agriculture and Technology, Orerufe, Delta state; the Federal Polytechnic Tombia for the required skills, training of graduate in science related courses, technology, and engineering. Also, on the list is the Bill for the establishment of Federal Col­lege of Education Elibeli Opia, Bayelsa state to provide full time active courses, regular teaching, instructions, and train­ing in technology, sciences, art and hu­manities, social sciences, and manage­ment and, to provide appointment of provost and other offices of the college.

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