January 30, 2023
Ganduje inaugurates newly elected NAKSS officials Herbalists call on Ganduje to launch market

Ganduje inaugurates newly elected NAKSS officials

By Usman Usman Garba

I n his effort to change the outlook of the state in terms of educational policy, which free and compulsory education has been accepted in every household of the state, Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje of Kano State has urged the newly elected leaders of National Association of Kano State Students (NAKSS) to behave in a very good manner while conducting their duties as newly elected leaders.

 The governor made this known recently at Government House while inaugurating the NAKSS’ students from various tertiary institutions across the state.

 “We appreciated you, students of our tertiary institutions, to behave very well because you are expected to conduct yourselves in a very good manner that will allow you to finish your studies, not an irresponsible manner.

 A manner that is highly discipline,” said the governor. He, however, encouraged parents to be more serious for the education of their children as education is free and compulsory in the state.

 “You are fully aware of our policy of free compulsory education since from primary to secondary schools; so we urged you to cooperate with government so that you can be in this our own important education policy,” he stated.

 He added: “We say education is free because we do not want people to be marginalized because of the economic position.

 We want all our children to make accessibility to education whether your are rich or you are poor, that does not hinder you from sending your children to school.

 That is very  very important to us, as elected leaders.” Dr. Ganduje also enlightened parents that it was unfair for not sending children to school as when they grow up, they would not forgive their parents.

 And, whether parents want or not, their children must go to schools, and whoever prevents his child from going to school will end in jail, according to the law of free and compulsory education of the state.

He further called upon the attention of the state students to discard the idea of burning down and vandalizing government properties in the school as “that is an old system.

 That system is not acceptable to anybody, to the authority, even to the members of the public. So we salute your for behaving well in your respective tertiary institutions,” he added.

 On his part, the state Commissioner of Youth and Sports Development, Dr. Kabiru Ado Lakwaya, along with the student unions cheered Governor Ganduje for his tireless efforts and support on educational policy in the state.

 The commissioner also assured the governor that the newly elected leaders of the association would be loyal to the state government and work assiduously for better and quality education in the state.

 He then promised the governor that the whole students were being advised and sensitised to be part of APC as they presently have their party membership cards. “They will discharge their duties diligently, with well respect,” stated Lakwaya

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