September 29, 2023
Ganduje describes BUK as mega varsity Ganduje describes BUK as mega varsity

Ganduje describes BUK as mega varsity

By Usman Usman Garba

Kano State governor, Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, has described Bayero University, Kano, as one of the mega universities in terms of academic achievements, physical development as well as peace and stability in the federation.

He disclosed this at Convocation Arena, Bayero University, Kano, during the second National Conference, organised by Faculty of Education with a theme: ‘Education in the Midst of National Challenges,’ on Monday. He said: “Bayero University is a mega university.

A mega university in terms of academic achievements. A mega university in terms of physical development. A mega university in terms of peace and stability. “In fact, Bayero University has the most succession in leadership, from one leader to another without threat. T

his makes it to succeed in sustainable development.” He also expressed concern on the effort of the presenters who thoroughly explained the various challenges education faces and its solutions ranging from security challenges, cattle rustling, banditry, kidnapping and armed robbery among others. Dr. Ganduje has, also, hinted out that: “Education is the vehicle for development; is the backbone of development and in fact, is the nuclear of development.

“So no amount of energy put by academicians to discuss the issues on education can be regarded as too much.” For Covid-19, the governor also mentioned that it seriously affected educational system of Nigeria, could not be forgotten.

“You may recall when our institutions, even our markets, Churches and Mosques were closed down because of Covid-19. There is no doubt education is part of the problem,” he said.

He lastly called on others by saying: “All hands must be put together to see how education can be moved forward.” In his welcome address, the Vice Chancellor of the university, Prof. Sagir Adamu Abbas, represented by Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic, Prof. Sani Muhammad Gumel stated that challenges in education come in different forms and magnitudes among which include, election related crises, kidnapping, human trafficking, militancy, assassination, hunger, armed robbery, environmental degradation and other untoward acts now being experienced in the country.

He added that all these have thrown up the need for all and sundry to be more proactive so as to arrest this negative drift currently impacting the national psyche. Prof. Sagir similarly highlighted that: “Some of these issues have been with us for some time.

Now despite all the concerted efforts to convert them. There is, therefore, the need to x-ray the education sector in the midst of these challenges, so that we pave a way forward.”

He lastly congratulated the Faculty of Education and the COC for organizing the event where people from all walks of lives met and discussed issues bothering educational sector in particular and the country in general.

Similarly, the chairman of the occasion, Prof. Abdurrashid Garba, has commended the effort of Governor Ganduje on educational sector, reminding him that the Education Department of the university would be celebrating its 50 years silver jubilee next year and would also be celebrating him for the contributions he rendered on education system.

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