September 28, 2023
For society to develop, it needs devotedness –Dr. Idi Dr. Aminu Idi

For society to develop, it needs devotedness –Dr. Idi

By Shafiu A. Yahaya

A university Don and medical doctor, Dr. Aminu Idi, has said that for a society to develop, it needed a hard working and experienced population, in order to move itself to the next level.

Dr. Idi, who is the proprietor of Unicare Hospital in Kano metropolis, made the revelation in a chat with some journalists in the state.

He said as a worker or civil servant, one needed to have a source of second income, to get prepared for his or her retirement, which he said would definitely come one day.

He said a worker has to think well and get prepared for retirement period, adding that as such it is necessary for him or her to have an extra job or learn a trade so that even after retirement, one would have something doing.

According to him, one can pick up farming activity where he or she can feed him/herself in a year.

Through this, he said, such a farmer could even help his or her community, local government area or state and the entire nation as the case may be.

Dr. Idi also noted that leaders need a lot of advice from the citizens of the country but not in a confrontational way.

He added that it has been instructed in Islam that if anybody sees an abomination, he or she should correct it with his or her hand, or with one’s mouth, but saying that if one decides to keep mute, that is not wanted.

He said what is required most is correction of the abomination.

He said as a leader, one is expected to be just and patriotic as he or she must account for his or her deeds both here and herafter.

Dr. Idi said it was a great mistake for one to speak against his or her nation, leader or people.

The university Don opined that the myriad of problems militating against the country could not be solved unless people face the reality and speak the truth.

He said they should obey the ethics of their various professions and abide by the rules and regulations of such professions. 

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