September 29, 2023
Be cautious, the dangerous isms are here!

Be cautious, the dangerous isms are here!

By Abdu Abdullahi

Now, what are you saying?  Are you disputing that Biafranism and Oduduwanism are manifestations of bad isms? Don’t forget that not all isms are to be tested and trusted, for some can lead to self-destruction.

I have known ism to be an act, practice or process, for example as in criticism and plagiarism. It is also a manner of action or characteristic of a specified person or thing such as animalism.

When it is an abnormal state or condition resulting from excess of a particular thing like alcoholism, ism is applied. And of course, there is ism in religion such as Islamism, Christianism and Bhuddism.

But for your safety, Biafranism and Oduduwanism are isms embedded with stupendous frustrations without imminent hopes.

Tell those who are crazy for these two ideologies that they are entrapped by soulless dreams. Warn them that their heart is saturated with psychological turmoil but are ignorant of it.

Their brands of credos are dangerous thieves, plundering their mass resourcefulness.

These invisible robbers are looting their minds of peace, stealing their hearts of softness, making their eyes to go blind, turning their ears to be deaf. Only that they are not dumb and that is why their voices are rampaging. Something ought to be done urgently. 

Somebody must stop these stealers! Sack Biafra now! Kick out Oduduwa now!! They are the thieves of our unity!!! Stop them! Fight them! Our Commonwealth will not tolerate them. 

The symbolism of a house is an enclosed and protected space similar to the mother’s womb. In fact, it is the first place in each person’s life.

What do you think will be the repercussions if this house is destroyed by its very inhabitants? Our platonic home is the point where we feel we belong to usually because our attributes are the same.

It is known as the creed of Nigerianisation. And this has been an all round outlook. It was in the flesh and blood of the architects of Nigeria.

It was deeply rooted in their veins, in the denomination of Ahmadu Bello, Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikiwe and a host of others until their eventual death.

It is still in the body and soul of millions and will never depart to an unknown destination. They will not like it, but we will continue remembering Ahmadu Bello that Nigeria is still one.

We shall never cease recalling that Obafemi Awolowo was amongst the engineers of our country. And forget not that Nnamdi Azikiwe was not a troublesome Nnamdi for Naija.

If you are not  extremely vigilant, they want to demolish this status quo  so that there will be the paradox of founding fathers who died as Nigerians and the offspring dying as Biafrans and Oduduwans. But the grand father of Biafra passed away not as a Biafran but as a Nigerian.

If Ojukwu were to be alive today, he would have fought for Nigeria and not Biafra again. He emphatically told his people to forget Biafra forever.

If you are doubtful, then hear this from the horse’s mouth: “I don’t think the second one (civil war) is necessary. We should have learned from the first one.”

If you think Ojukwu’s wisdom is nonsense, you are largely dull and hold yourself responsible for the impending consequences. But it is not too late for remorsefulness. I know the magic of repentance. It will make them to be born again Nigerians.

To help them attain this feat, I refer them to the late Bob Marley’s ‘They don’t want to see us live together.’ This lyrical reflection serves them remembrance notice to free themselves from the shackles of imperialists, who are always crooks of foul play.

The beliefs in Biafra and Oduduwa are like deadly poison. Yet, it is ready to be consumed by those who have forgotten the dangers of its consumption.

However, there is good news for them if they want to survive: their remedy will never be found in their bamboozlement and Nigeria is their only therapy.

There is also bad news for them if they want to perish untimely: their increased fanaticism in their faiths will soon go up like flames. I have reserved pity for them if they decide to play to the gallery.

Believe you me, they are fighting a lavish war they cannot win. If they can win this fight, we are not fit to be Nigerians. If they lose this battle, of course they will fail, they are shamelessly unfit for Biafra and Oduduwa and the poor experiments will evaporate in no time. 

The opinions in Biafra and Oduduwa are to create traitors in the very house that raised them up. These rioting isms are robbing them of peace and tranquility; they are assassinating their political future; they are driving them too pompous that if their harmful doctrines become a reality, they will rapidly grow like Korea, they will be equivalent to Dubai and this, this and that!

If you want to be another version of Koreans on the earth, you can start from Arochukwu, Ikwuano, Kajola, Iwajowa etc. But recall that Korea was not developed through mere verbal and untested hypothesis.

The faiths of Biafra and Oduduwa have nowhere to go and will crumble the way the cookie crumbles. They are exclusively the fake products of our time. They are adulterated drugs which are harmful to one’s life. All they are saying is, restore Biafra!

They are actually voting for war. Their campaign slogan is ‘blood for Biafra.’ Even at the time of writing this memo, ‘blood for Biafra’ has consumed the innocent lives of five Nigerians at a police station in Anambra State.

To restore means bringing back a previous practice or situation. This treacherous utterance originates from Ibo legal practitioners living abroad. They are chanting war whilst staying comfortably abroad. May their Biafra never enjoy peace! So also Oduduwa!

Must we say it loudly that Biafra is now a ghost of its former self? Please, someone should teach the Biafranically-exploited youths that it only exists in the papers and on social media. Biafra is managing to survive just as in sit-at-home idleness.

Let them continue to worship Biafra through sit-at-home devotion and persist to incur tremendously economic loss. Our go-out- of-home for economic gains will be our pride.

For Oduduwa, it is a messy affair also. If you don’t know its barbaric method, then hear this, “Those who don’t have charms should go and prepare and get charms to fight for Oduduwa Republic.” You know this speaker better.

Be warned! A proposed republic that will be built on charms and not technology is going to be a fatal accident and there will be mass casualties and burials.

As for the lead protagonists, they are blasphemingly referred to as prophets. Those who have strong and unlimited faith in their prophet-hood may soon declare them as gods of their persuasion.

We should therefore distance ourselves from the fools who elevate ordinary people to the status of prophets. Yes, call them nincompoops even if they are greater than professors. They have signed profanity to evoke high passion.

You are hereby warned to stay away from the wrath of God by disassociating with great blasphemers. An immense catastrophe that will befall them is imminent. 

Learn this lesson. A spider is skilled in the art of illusion and entrapment. For example, the Australian crab spider is capable of manipulating ultraviolet light signals to attract bees to flowers where they lie in wait to catch them.

Can someone tell the unguided youths clamouring for separation that these fraudulent heroes are like spiders, creating an illusive world for entrapment, to embark on a journey without destination?

The followers are like those bees manouvered by the spiders. They are promising you honey even where there is no single bee. If you are amongst the unfortunate co-travellers, I assure you that the trip to Biafra and Oduduwa is entangled with sheer aimlessness. The drivers are unqualified and possessed by a deep sense of recklessness.

If the late Ojukwu could not give you Biafra, forget about it and you will attain salvation. If the three years shedding of blood, hunger and starvation, distress, horrors, could not produce Biafra and the war was later called madness by the same people who ignited it, Biafra has no place in the world map.

Let us teach the growing Ibo children the story of Biafra in this pattern for historical lessons only thus: There was Ojukwu as the president they never had. To counter Achebe’s fiction of ‘There was a country,’ let it be there was a country that never be.

The psychology of Biafra and Oduduwa should be mercilessly assaulted by us. We should not behave as an ostrich. Let us all plan well and work for the gruesome murder of Oduduwa and Biafra because they are ruinous isms sentenced to death by our supreme court of unity.

This piece is dedicated to my beloved country, Nigeria. It is also a unity memo to the Ibo and Yoruba whose blood veins are still functioning for Nigeria.

Abdullahi wrote in from Galadanci Quarters, Ringim, Jigawa State and can be contacted through: or 07036207998.

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