December 9, 2022
Banditry, kidnapping, other menaces among youths: Sustainable education proffers solution Banditry, kidnapping,

Banditry, kidnapping, other menaces among youths: Sustainable education proffers solution

By Zainab Sani Shehu Kiru

It is no longer any thing new to mention that what is hampering the development of the nation is really something around the current problems of kidnapping, robbery, banditry, gangsterism, and lack of peace and harmony occasioned by insecurity generally.

No doubt, these problems began from our houses, areas and, or our society.

As good parents and responsible members of the society, we should begin to ponder a little and ask ourselves about the root cause of these problems as well as their escalation in the society.

It is my candid opinion that no one can be exonerated from the blame, but rather all of us should share in such blames because of our failure to do the needful at the appropriate time.

No body will not subscribe to the fact that the lingering crises mentioned above have to do with our own hand making.

This is because we failed to do what was expected of us as parents. May be because of love, we were blind in ensuring effective control of our children.

We allowed them to grow in such a way they are in today without recourse to what can come up in the near future.

As our children grow up, we should have time or energy to mould their character towards becoming good citizens in the society.

But however, nowadays in the society, it is as if we are scared of the children as we failed to deal with them and assert our authority to correct them at young age in a way that they will become good ambassadors of the society.

The way we behave as parents, it is as if we do not want to offend the children we gave birth to as we allow them all sort of freedom without proper mentoring.

They should be educated and guided well right from tender age in order to nurture them and shape their horizon of understanding the need for them to be of good behavior so that the whole society would be proud of them.

They should be guided in such a way that we make them to know the value of our cultural heritage so that they will accord high respect to it.

Only few of us do this nowadays.

We should be really up and doing to let them understand the burden of bad friends and drug abuse on them.

Bad companies and illicit drug taking and abuse are responsible for many vices among the younger ones today.

If we take them on how to do the right things and with fervent prayers, such menaces among our younger ones, hopefully the leaders of tomorrow, would be reduced to a minimum.

When the younger ones engage in doing something good, they should be encouraged, and the vice versa.

This is because failure to do this could make the whole country to face one trouble and another – what is happening today in the society is the clear case study.

Sharing an experience with this writer, Malam Abdullahi, the chairman of Kungiyar Matasan Kiru Advocacy Organization, corroborated the above argument.

According to him, what we face today emanated as a result of lack of embracing individual curiosity, enlightenment and idiosyncrasy among the youths.

He said as the society fails to compel the youths to fully indulge themselves in the pursuit of education, or in other word, edification as a light for unearthing and uncovering our ignorance, so it faces myriads of problems.

Therefore, he asserted that as they (the youths) lack both Islamic and Western education and they have not got the right guidance to behave in the way they should.

So, the central point of the blame game could be attributed to the inability to guide the younger ones properly – thus the reasons for all the crimes in the society – such as unreasonable mangling, killings of people, kidnapping, and robbery, and to sum it all, lack of peaceful living that turned our habitats dinging or war front.

To this end, if we really want to head to better days and a promised land, youths should be given adequate and sustainable education.

Kiru freelances for The Triumph and she can be contacted via: 07066881757.

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