January 30, 2023
Among hinderances to Covid-19 vaccination in Kano: Conspiracy theories play role – Prof. Tabiu

Among hinderances to Covid-19 vaccination in Kano: Conspiracy theories play role – Prof. Tabiu

By Nasiru Muhammad

One of the most challenging hindrances to the acceptance of Covid-19 vaccination in Kano State is the misinformation spread by conspiracy theorists.

The chairman of the Sensitization Committee of Kano Against Covid-19, a community-based organization, Prof. Muhammad Tabiu, revealed this recently in a chat with The Triumph.

A Professor of Law and a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Prof. Tabiu explained that anti-vaccination groups and individuals have been spewing disinformation and misinformation about both the disease and its vaccines.

He said even though some of these mis- and disinformation are outrightly ridiculous, they spread so rapidly because of the participation of vulnerable youths in the social media.

According to him, there are believes that the vaccines could hamper procreation, adding that the West is bent on undermining the socio-cultural and religious interest of the people.

He revealed how Kano against Covid-19 tapped on the influence of traditional leaders and Ulama to sensitise the populace about the disease, how to prevent it and even the vaccine.

He said the roles of the two have been very effective in curbing some of the devastating misinformation going round in the state, given their vast experience which they have garnered when dealing with polio vaccination.

“We were truly impressed by the structure that the traditional and religious institutions already have.
“They have been so effective in the aspect of sensitization, and they have a good way of correcting all the misinformation and disinformation that are circulating.
“They know the people and they understand their mindset,” the Professor of Law stated.

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