December 9, 2022
Allowing fans in stadium: Kano Pillars tread on a dangerous path Allowing fans in stadium: Kano Pillars tread on a dangerous path

Allowing fans in stadium: Kano Pillars tread on a dangerous path

To pretend the guilt or errors they have been committing for a number of times during their  league matches at the Ahmadu Bello Stadium, Kaduna, the temporary venue of their premier league home matches, the management of Kano Pillars Football Club has issued a statement through their media officer claiming  their surprised, innocence and ignorance on the issues raised and finalized by the League Management Committee (LMC) of the National Premier League.

According to Kano Pillars Football Club, the management was surprised and shocked  when it received the letter that conveyed the verdict of series of fines by the LMC last Monday, following  the series of the sad incidences that occurred in its match 27 against Akwa United Football Club last Sunday at Ahmadu Bello Stadium Kaduna.

The chairman of the club, Alhaji Surajo Shaaibu Yahaya jambul expressed his shock in the released shortly after receiving the verdict which he described as the handwork of some people who are just waiting and praying  for the Sai masu Gida to be found wanting and go down at all  cost with no reason whatsoever.

“We received the verdict that LMC is charging us for breaching the covid-19 Protocol by permitting  spectators to be in the match venue and encroachment during the match  with fine of over seven million naira. But we are  studying the judgment and we will soon made our position known,”  the chairman said.

The chairman further explained that, the issue of the manament’s failure to provide adequate security in the stadium was not true and asked for further clarification because it was the Football Association that are responsible to provide the security in the stadium.

He said since Kano Pillars FC adopted Ahmadu Bello Stadium Kaduna as their  home ground venue following the closure of Sani Abacha Stadium in Kano, the management had provided and handed over all the logistics requested by  Kaduna State Football Association about security in all its home matches and wondered  why Kano Pillars FC will  be blamed in that regard.

Alhaji Surajo  jambul said Kano Pillars FC didn’t sell tickets and didn’t invite anybody to be in the stadium and can’t tell  how spectators managed to get access to the stadium.

He then called the authority concerned to study carefully how their match against Akwa United FC was handled so as to correct  the mistakes and know who the culprit was.

He lastly explained that members of Kano Pillars Football Club are law abiding citizens and will continued to do their possible best to promote the league and Nigeria football at large and called for  justice and fairness.

To be honest, I am not on the same page with the Kano Pillars FC chairman and his explanations since  I am sure he is hiding something.

I blamed the members of management of Kano Pillars Football Club for their carelessness in handling the situations that created unfavourable scenarios leading to series of fines, warning and reduction of points.

Left to me , I see it as a deliberate or ploy to incurred unnecessary additional financial burden to the state government, the proprietor of the club, despite the fact that the government is in  financial difficulties largely due to the fall of oil price, its consumptions and low internally generated  revenue due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Firstly, the refusal to strictly adhere to the laid down rules for Covid-19 protocol  is a source of concern to everybody be it a stakeholder or not. And I am sure they know it won’t go free without any penalty.

The one million question begging for a simple answer is, why should they allowed such unholy act to happened? Was it because the money to be used to pay the fine is not going to come from their coffers?

I am sure they will not be this careless if they truly know they are the ones that will directly produced seven million Naira fine from their coffers.

This was not the first reported case of this kind of acts. If we recalled the Akwa Unitted match was not the only match that Kano Pillars FC allowed its teeming fans to openly watched. The same situation was openly and widely reported  during Kano Pillars FC and its Eyimba FC of Aba counterpart duel some weeks ago. The same scenario was witnessed where spectators in hundreds watched the encounter.

On the chairman’s assertion of handing over all security issues to Kaduna State FA, here too the chairman errs  because of failure to caution them when he noticed or spotted some crowds in the stadium.

Handing over money for security is not enough. He should have assign other(s) for effective  supervision for all of the delegated work(s) to be carried out on his behalf.

I think the ideal situation is that the chairman is not  in the stadium only to watch matches but also to make sure  everything  goes fine and smoothly.

If we recalled again few days ago, the League Management Committee (LMC) of the Nigerian Premier League had handed a serious and last warning to the Kano Pillars Football Club for breaching the NPFL Framework & Rules following its disobedience in their Match day 27 fixture vs Akwa Utd at the Ahmadu Bello Stadium, Kaduna last Sunday.

The Kano club have been charged for breaching the COVID-19 Protocol by admitting and/or permitting spectators and supporters into the venue.

Kano Pillars Football Club is also charged for encroachment after its supporters encroached onto the field of play, thereby disrupting the match.

The club was further charged for failing to provide adequate mechanism for crowd control and  restriction of access by unauthorized persons to restricted areas.

In line with The Nigeria Football Federation directives, Kano Pillars are hereby sanctioned with a fine of N5 million for breaching the COVID-19 Protocol.

And another fine of N2.5 million was also imposed on Kano Pillars Football Club for the field encroachment by their supporters, which led to a discontinuation of the match.

There is also an imposed sanction of a deduction of 3 points, which shall be suspended for the duration of the remainder of the season, subject to good conduct.

The club will also face a venue sanction or being banned from their Kaduna home ground and subsequently moved to another venue if there is a recurring event.

Kano Pillars have been directed to submit a revised security plan within 7 days and ensure they comply strictly with COVID-19 Protocol. All subject to approval by the LMC.

They have been given  48 hours from the date of notice to appeal these sanctions.

Lastly, I want to apologized to my readers for my  unannounced disappearance for two weeks consecutively. It was not intentional or deliberate, it was a temporary leave I took to face my MSc Second Semester Examination  at the National Open University of Nigeria, NOUN.

Similarly, I will like to tender my condolence massage to my former colleague during  my days in the Triumph, Malam Taiwo Yusuf  over the death of his late wife. May the Almighty Allah gave him fortitude to bear the lose, amen.

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