June 9, 2023
Abba Ganduje: Time to change the equation Abba Ganduje

Abba Ganduje: Time to change the equation

By Shariff Aminu Ahlan

One glaring aspect of democracy is fact that it gives room for people to decide their fate by freely expressing their constitutionally baked and stamped privileges to choose and vote people they would entrust their collective wealth and destiny in their own hands through the process of election, where majority always determine their chosen ones in any position of power and authority. And every elective position has a timeframe that signified how long a position holder would spend and adhere to termination period when the new election would hold.

Anyone seeking for continuation and added timeframe should seek reelection where the people that gives the mandate would judge and assess performance which would be the yardstick to decide whether ones deserved their mandate or replacement, depending on the results of their past antecedent.

If indeed there is any constituency in present day political arena that is wallowing in disarray, lacking visible or any tangible projects that would made them be elated with euphoria of joy that is precipitated out of dividend of democracy brought about by their representative at Federal House of Representatives, pitifully becoming a mere onlookers as other community are reaping the fruits of effective representation, and suddenly out of the blues, a reliable, capable and a effective Messiah landed seeking for their support, cooperation, trust and collective votes to change the equation, replace inefficiency and place them on the pedestal of massive beneficiaries of profitable representation that would transform their standard of living through massive provision of infrastructural and human developments, that constituency is none other than Dawakin Tofa/Tofa/ Rimin Gado Federal Constituency.

The teeming populace of such constituency deserved to congratulated, rejoice with, pray for, urge and encourage to do everything at their disposal to ensure this God given opportunity to have and feel sense of belonging that would bring unprecedented dividend of democracy didn’t slip out of their hand at this critical moment when they have a Messiah that would bail them out of the doldrum of poor representation, and that person is Engineer Abba Abdullahi Umar Ganduje who is holding flag and the ticket of the ruling party A.P.C. Politics is globally acknowledge as a game of deceit, deception, pretence, backbiting, dirty intrigues, gimmicks, backstabbing, selfseeking, false promises, shenanigans and compromise wrapped with unpredictable nature.

Majority of its active players are solemnly driven by greed, blindfolded power seeking, with sole aim of gaining access to peoples collective wealth inorder to enrich themselves and their cronies at the detriment of the voting populace who entrusted their collective destiny to them.

They dedicated their whole, plot and counter plot dirty tricks, use everything means possible both, orthodox and unorthodox to achieve their dreams so as to engage in self aggrandisement aimed at gaining dirty wealth and power to do and undo.

They are known to be masters of faking loyalty and dedication to those that may pave way for them, and in the end exposed their true colour especially in the time of crisis when the need to display such loyalty is at peak and demanding. Nonetheless, there are abound some few decent, honest, dedicated and trustworthy politicians who are into politics to serve the populace, bring transformational changes, create a legacy and live a life worthy of emulation.

People who are highly principled, and demAbba Ganduje: Time to change the equation onstrated undiluted loyalty to their leaders in good or bad moment, in joy and in sadness, in colourful times or in times of need.

They remains steadfast and resolute no matter the circumstances, and among those rare species of politicians that always deserved accolades and respect, and despites being young and the first timer in seeking elective position, there is no gainsaying the fact that Engineer Abba Ganduje is daily manifesting and proven to be in the league of such elite group of decent and credible politicians.

Engineer Abba emergence as a duly elected candidate that would represent the constituency for the seat of a member Federal House of Representative under the banner of a ruling party can vividly and justifiably refers a rare blessing to the constituency due to the fact the said candidate if elected would surely distinguished himself among the highly regarded and respected representatives who are in the upper chamber with uncommon zeal and determination to bring changes, transform their communities and also immensely play a huge role in initiating bills and emanating of tangible and result oriented laws that would contribute immensely to the progress and development of the entire nation.

He would with no iota of doubt be an active member of the house who would not be there to warm seat, remain a spectator and be noticeable only when huge financial inducements is been offered to esteem members in form salary, bonuses, allowances and almighty constituency project funds. Rather he would at the forefront of active participants that always indulge and engrossed in initiating bills that would guarantee projects in their respective constituency coupled with engaging in debates pertaining issues table at the chamber thereby contributing in making or altering policies that would bringing positive developments to the entire nation, so also intellectually block any law or policies that may not argue well with collective well-being of the entire nation.

A refined and highly educated youthful politician who can boost of accumulating quality education that gathered during his journey across best and finest school in the country and beyond. A highly talented young man, his performances from elementary level up to universities were always glaring with high grades and academic positions which always made him stand out as one of the most brilliant in the midst equally talented students colleagues.

Moreover, been one of the extraordinary talented kids of the most highly achieving governor of the state, His Excellency Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, he is no doubt blessed with excessively educated parents, whose mother is also an academic professor of high repute, the said candidate is blessed to have been born and brought up by the highly respected and educated family who ensured that all their children not just acquired best and productive knowledge, but also well trained with superb upbringing that is guided by decent and quality home training which ultimately contributed to their humble, caring and simple-minded nature.

No wonder he grow up been very humble and easy going who didn’t allow the success of his parent to influence his dealings with people.

His amiable nature and gifted qualities are indeed awesome. He didn’t allow himself to indulge in flamboyant and arrogant life style associated with children of the powerful elites. When dealing with people, his simpleminded nature always manifested as someone who doesn’t look down on others or raising his shoulder high feeling superior over others.

A first timer meeting with him would never perceived him to be a such a privileged kid from influential and powerful family that are financially endowed coupled with power they have at their disposal.

Such is the nature of that youthful candidate whose interest in politics is not being influence by the allure of power or wealth accumulation as is the norm among other office seekers.

Prior to his declaration and acceptance to contest for the seat, there were an outpouring of calls, pleading, cajoling, begging and intense desire by the people of his constituency and beyond calling upon him to come forward and serve as their representative at the exalted chambers.

Thousands upon thousands including my humble self have been calling and agitating for the youthful and Intellectually endowed personality to seek for elective position with self conviction and undisputable beliefs that he would make differences going by his sterling qualities and exceptional humanistic tendency drives by heart of gold.

Those from his constituency keeps lamenting on the poor and ineffective representation of the present member in the house who ironically is always engrossed in self-aggrandisement and accumulation of wealth at the detriment of teeming populace that entrusted him with their collective wealth which is openly been cornered and pocketed by the said representative with no tangible developments projects to pinpoint as their constitutionally backed dividend of democracy.

A pathetic situations that called for concern from citizens of the state not just from the said constituency.

For the last last three years, it become one issue that people never stop of relent from pursuing, and as God answered their prayer, the youthful Abba obliged and accepted to go for the contest and today he is the one that would raise the flag at an upcoming 2023 election.

And It is widely known that democracy and democratic process offers an immense opportunity and liberty for anyone seeking for position of power in what ever capacity to freely seek and contest for such position based on belief and conviction that he or she can deliver and brought positive changes.

And despite all that, electorate are the supreme body to decide on the capability, competence or otherwise of the said candidate. Is not in his power or propagative to impose himself or declare himself as the occupant of the seat till after rigorous election process that tend to produce a winner or loser.

As such everything now depends the voting populace who I urged to do everything at their disposal to ensure their dream turn to reality by voting the said Abba to enjoy a fresh air and a new progressive and result oriented leadership that they would surely be proud up at long run..

The people of Dawakin Tofa/ Tofa and Rimin Gado constituency should no doubt consider themselves lucky and hugely blessed to have such youthful messiah, energetic, humble, generous, gifted, simple-minded , well reformed, intellectually endowed and humanitarian par excellence who has been given them unrestricted access to him and have been wiping their tears through endless financial and moral support which helped tremendously in alleviating their suffering.

And one thing worthy of note is the fact that, despites not been holding any public office or political position, the youthful and soon to be known nationwide as a progressive extraordinary talented youth , has been spending his hard-earned fortune to better their lives and brings succour to downtrodden and those in need..

The youthful politician is on a mission and I can say unequavocably with any iota of doubt and fear of challenge, such rare bread who is out to justify the popular slogan of “Not to young to rule’” with outstanding anticipated qualitative leadership that is purely been driven with unique and deep-rooted zeal, desire, ambition, unquenchable hunger to make a differences and creat a lasting legacy that would forever be cherish and remember with awe just like his father visible and unprecedented achievements.

The seat would surely serve a stepping stone for this uncontested visionary who is destined for greatness. Grab the once in a life time opportunity to vote for him and you would forever not going to regret it.

The youthful candidate has prepared and equipped himself with technical know-how and an unquenchable desire to make difference in discharging his assigned responsibilities of bringing positives changes to the people and massive contributions in debates on issues that has to do with overall development of our dear nation.

All set to be an effective member whose impact would be felt and notice by the people of his constituency, state and the nation in general. Mark my words and only time would tell.

Ahlan, Ganduje Intellectual Warrior. can be reach via 09084305448 09034533848 and Realahlan0101@gmail. Com

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