October 21, 2021
Trump and Ganduje: No basis for comparism Trump and Ganduje: No basis for comparism

Trump and Ganduje: No basis for comparism



I read with dismay a poorly written political comparative analysis by one Ibrahim I. Mustapha who hid his identity and said he is in one of the US’s Universities and compared our noble Governor of Kano State Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje with former US President Donald Trump.

The writer seems to be outside  this planet or rather left alone in the dark. In fact, from all indications, Mustapha is alone in his world as far as global,  national, and local political interplay of modern time is concerned. Political Democracy was initiated in Athens 508BC with a view to represent the majority’s needs in governance via regularly scheduled elections which enable  the majority’s voices to be heard and minority’s  protected. Politics is a game between vision and practicality based on 3 key elements; competing values, interest and ambition. As Aristotle remarks,  state has been created to govern and formulate laws due to weakness of human being. Had it been there is no such weakness “there would be no need for the laws and the State”. 

2. United States of America is not the best Democracy in the world. There are other nations far ahead  her in terms of Democratic practices. Canada, Finland and Sweden are higher in rating when it comes to the phenomenon of democracy. Even  Norway, UK and India,  the largest Democracy in the world, are far ahead of America. Considering the elections of 2020, the weakness of Democratic practice in USA has been exposed taking into consideration the allegations and counter allegations between GOP and Democrats which sent negative messages to the world on Democratic system. Experts and scholars on Democracy are in doubt about the possibility of Democracy leading the global societies to the promised Land.

3. The 45 President of USA, Donald Joe Trump’s policies contradicted most of the policies of the United States of America. Donald Trump’s main policy was “America first” which contradicted the current world policy “globalism” or globalization policy about which he was elected by the majority of Americans and stakeholders with a view to leading  America to victory against China in trade war in dominance of global economy. Donald has been a business man since 1974 and succeeded in becoming among top 500 richest men in the world. And despite his defeat in 2020 Presidential election, Trump is still a figure in American politics. And again, Donald alone cannot destroy the American  democratic institutions initiated 234 years ago by the first Democratically elected President, George Washington. Donald Trump’s policy was not to stop Muslims going to the USA. However, what he simply did was to prevent some Muslim countries with established records of insurgency from visiting the US. Calling “Mexicans rapists and Africa as shithole” as well as calling Joe Biden and Hillary whatever names were all what we call “Political Shenanigans” to convince his followers and supporters on his political style——-pure and simple. 

4. It sounds funny, child- dish and misdirected to refer to  His Excellency Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje ( Khadimul Islam, OFR) as “carbon copy” of the former President Donald Trump. Whoever goes  close and interacts with governor Ganduje will find him a very simple, determined, dedicated, visionary and focus and strategic leader. Unlike Donald Trump who  acts arrogantly with derogatory words in most of his lectures, governor Ganduje is simple and respectful.

 Dr. Ganduje  is far a head  Donald Trump in terms of educational qualification, rich in experience as a civil servant, policy initiations, formulations and implementations because AUG is an expert with PhD, in Public Policy and Administration which Donald Trump never had. Again, Dr. A.U.  Ganduje has never been a political liability since 1979.  He was an Area Council Chairman Abuja Metropolitan area, Permanent Secretary and Hon. Commissioner in Kano State for years. He was a Deputy Governor for eight years, Secretary Lake Chad Commission and two terms Governor in Kano State. So, I repeat that Dr. Ganduje is never a political liability in his Political Carrier. He never deviated from the right path in Political Democracy and still performing excellently and Kano State is changing and will continue to change in accordance with the principles of globalism from which the former President Donald Trump deviated in the United States of America which  cost him the second term as the President.

Dr. AU Ganduje didn’t balkanize the history of Kano State for the fact that in democracy a leader should dance to the tune of the electorate. This means that the work of the electorates is to elect the government they desire and the work of the leader is to do what the citizens want, period. Factually speaking, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi was an architect of his fate because he was not suppose to combine  the position of traditional title holding with political brouhaha. He was expected to be a father of all and such, should not have participated  Political democracy. Now that he is no longer the emir, he is now free to play politics and try his luck as soon as he’s back from Oxford University.

5. Dr. AU Ganduje (OFR) is not tampering with the State urban planning; rather he is planning to use the abandoned places more useful and beneficial to the economy of the people and the State. Experts affirmed that Late Alhaji Audu Bako was the foundation Governor of Kano State , while Dr. AU Ganduje is the father of modern Kano State. Kano is changing toward the level of some emerging nations like UAE, S/Arabia, Rwanda and so on. The reader should please take note that the creation of Kano State (including the current Jigawa State), the state had about 4m population.  But today, Kano State alone has about 20m people.  Notwithstanding the huge population, the governor  is  implementing global order or globalism which has not been easy to any emerging society or State.

 The requirement  of  volume of water supply to 4m people is far bellow compared to today to what it takes satisfy 20m with the same commodity. In similar vein, the demands of medical care was very low with only 23 or 25 Doctors  comparing  to today when the state government has thousands of Doctors in its pay role. Dr. Ahmadu Mutari Kura, a paramedical staff in the state, is still alive as a living witness. Taking all these into consideration, one can see how the act of governance has been come a herculean task during this globalism era, especially if it is compare to the experience in the last 50years. Only people with big heart, healthy dispositions, active participations, dedicated commitments, determine honesty and political zeal and will like Dr. AU Ganduje OFR can do this. 

On the issue of entering into agreement with some organizations on Daula, Triumph News Paper  and others, it is not difficult to understand what the governor is doing is logical implementation of the world order which has been in practice all-over the world. Globalization policy adopted by all nations (Nigeria inclusive) in 1989 has changed the world and will continue changing until another policy is created by International Public Policy (IPP) Makers in United Nations (UN) . Nigeria was among the nations that signed the implementation of globalism policy in 1989 and remember that the Washington Consensus that prescribed 10 conditionalities for developing economies like Nigeria.  Beijing Consensus created in 2004 is yet to see the light of the day. So, privatization, tax reforms, removal of subsidy, health care, funding of primary and secondary schools free of charge (this is the current policy under implementation in Kano State by H/E Dr. Ganduje by allocating 26 percent prescribed by UNESCO). And not only in Kano that the State privatization policy has been under implementation. Since year 2002, this had been initiated by the regime of Dr. General Olusegun Obasanjo. Even the current FG of PMB will continue with privatization policy and in the near future,  NNPC will be sold to the highest bidder. NIGERIAN AIRWAYS, NITEL, NEPA and many FG owned companies had been for long privatized. 

To continue inshaAllah

Abbati Bako, SA Public Affairs to His Excellency Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje (OFR) and Khadimul Islam

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