September 23, 2022
Nigerians lose core values –Dantata Aminu Dantata

Nigerians lose core values –Dantata

 From Mustapha Saye, Kaduna

A renowned business mogul, Alhaji Aminu Dantata, has asked the Northern Elders Forum to team up with other Nige­rians of like minds to end the dis­turbing multiple problems facing the country if truly elites are meant to live behind a prosperous nation for the youths.

Speaking while receiving mem­bers of the forum led by Prof. Ango Abdullahi, alongside its other top nurtures, including Alhaji Hakim Baba Ahmed, who was in Kano for condolence over the death of the fa­mous politician, Alhaji Bashir Oth­man Tofa, Alhaji Dantata noted that it is clear that the presidential sys­tem of government has failed.

He said: “You will agree with me that the presidential system of government has failed the nation; what we need now is a parliamen­tary system, because the one we are operating is too cumbersome and financially disturbing.”

Alhaji Dantata explained that another thing that calls for urgent attention of the elders from both North and South is the decayed family system, in addition to lack of honesty, corruption and the gen­eral insecurities.

“I think today values have gone down so low. People consider money more than core value sys­tem, and that is why many negative things are happening in the country that requires elders’ attention,” he said.

Dantata expressed worries about the frequent drops in values of the nation’s currency, explaining that today Naira has nearly become val­ueless in the global markets.

“You can see that rise in pric­es has everything to do with the devaluing of the Naira,” he ex­plained.

According to him, the na­tion needs desperate measures to tackle this ugly scenario because poverty is slowly gaining ground amongst the poorest while those that are trying are getting frustrat­ed by the day.

Similarly, Alhaji Dantata called on the nation’s politicians to do away with destructive criticism obtained in its political cycle, say­ing: “We are going nowhere with the kind of politics we are seeing today. We must change the narra­tive if we are to salvage the na­tional polity.”

Speaking, Prof. Abdullahi stat­ed that they were in the state to commiserate with its people and government over the demise of Alhaji Tofa, Dr. Ibrahim Datti Ah­mad, Sani Dangote and the former Secretary to the State Govern­ment, Alhaji Ado Gwaram.

Those on the entourage includ­ed Gen. Sale Maina; Hakim Baba Ahmed; president of the Coali­tion of Northern Groups, Nastura Shariff; Dr. Sadiq Gombe and Ha­jiya Naja’atu Muhammad.

Members of the forum also visited the Emir of Kano, Alhaji Aminu Ado Bayero; the state dep­uty governor, Alhaji Nasiru Yusuf Gawuna and Alhaji Sule Yahya Hamma among others.

At late Tofa’s country home along Gandu GRA, there were tears amongst the visitors who re­called the contributions of the de­ceased in the development of the country

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