April 12, 2021
‘Media poorer with Nda Isaiah’s death’ Late sam-nda-isaiah

‘Media poorer with Nda Isaiah’s death’

By Usman Gwadabe

The foray into and vision for the media of late Sam Nda Isaiah has added so much value to the sector such that the industry is now poorer with his exit.

This was the position of the Northern Media Forum (NMF), in a statement to mourn “the passing of our staunch member, Sam Nda Isaiah, Publisher and Chairman of Leadership Newspaper, who passed on last weekend.

” Signed by the chairman of the forum, Mr. Dan Agbese, the statement went on that: “Nda Isaiah was a colossus that bestrode the media world.

As a media entrepreneur, passionate and authoritative writer, his exit and voice will be missed in the industry, and in the country. “A pro-people person, Sam Nda Isaiah was dogged; he had the courage of conviction such that he was ever ready to ‘take up arms’ to fight for just causes, and denounce the wrongs of society with the same vigour.”

Mr. agbese said late Sam spoke truths to power and made those in authority uncomfortable and he was audacious and forceful in his approach, which stood him out among the rest. He went on that though the late mediapreneur was not a trained journalist, his passion for the job exuded in the creativity he brought to bear on his paper and when he wrote, he did with vehemence. “His plan to establish the electronic version of the media tripod-radio and television would have expanded the frontiers of journalism in both growth and development.

He was truly a pathfinder and an inspiration to many people. Unfortunately, he did not live long to fulfil his dreams.

“The NMF, however, takes solace in the exciting life of Sam Nda Isaiah and the number of people that found succour through the employment opportunities Leadership Newspaper provided and still, hopefully, provides.

We enjoin his immediate family and the media to take solace in the legacy he left behind. We pray to God to comfort and give them the strength to bear the huge loss,” the statement concluded.

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