November 27, 2021
Hon. Kawu Sumaila: Beware of a wounded lion Hon. Kawu Sumaila

Hon. Kawu Sumaila: Beware of a wounded lion

Shariff Aminu Ahlan

It is undeniable, unchallenged and uncontested fact that when you dare touch the tail of a lion, be rest assured there would be no peace in the jungle.

 For the lion is the globally acknowledged acknowledge powerful animal that only a fool would dare cross his boundary least of all provoke him. That would surely be an open invitation for destructive challenge that may end up consuming the entire jungle.

 The man Kawu Sumaila is without any iota of doubt a powerful lion in our political horizon.

The former two member of the Federal House of Representatives and Special Adviser to the President on Legislative matters during the first tenure of the current administration has curve a ninth for himself as one of the powerful, talented, humble and extraordinary politicians who mastered the act of politics with unrivalled political acumen and sagacity.

Not mention his astronomical fellowship that harbor millions of diehard supporters comprising of low and mighty that cut across every nook and crannies of our ancient city and beyond.

This extraordinary serial winner in political hemisphere had established a reputation of a tireless political guru whose major preoccupation is transforming the lives of the electorates that made him a legend in our political arena.

It is a well-known fact that he is presently not holding any political position be it in authoritative or administrative, but remains an active participant with heavy clouts in the existing ruling party in both state and national level.

When he served as member in the Federal House of Representatives, he distinguished himself as one of the most vocal, active and strong representative who is always in the forefront in presenting motions upon motions which helps tremendously in transforming the people of his constituency and nation at large, not mention his consistency in participating in debates and dialogue which naturally differentiated him from the warming chairs and sleeping endowed non active members best known for their shameless and disgusting attitude of been a watching and listening spectators whose primary concern is to pocket the huge salary, allowances and astronomical constituency allowances.

His performance as member of the house was noticed, applauded and acknowledge by all Nigerians who are fond of pouring accolades and salutations to this rare extraordinary politician who was not just active, outspoken, but above all fearless who also bear his mind for the betterment of the populace not minding whose oxs is gored.

 An astute politician whose journey in the political arena is a marvel and delight to digest. His first contest in the state political arena was when he contested and won the seat of House of Representatives from his constituency with huge a eye-catching number of votes which signified his acceptance and unbroken bond he has with people of his constituency.

 I can say unequivocally and without any iota of doubt or regret that his journey in the House then led to the unprecedented developmental projects to the people of his constituency. He transformed the lives of his people, economically, socially, politically and wrapped it extraordinary humanitarian gesture that has become a reference point to present politicians and aspiring ones. The fact that the humble and generous Kawu Sumaila was a grassroots politician who rose from the bottom to the top, his outstanding performance did not surprised analyst and political watchers.

The man was fully accustomed to the lives of downtrodden having sprung out from their midst and as such transforming their lives in form of bringing developmental projects and alleviating their suffering became his cardinal principles in the political arena.

He was among the class of few and elites club of honest and result oriented politicians who are in politics with sole aim of servicing the electorates who entrusted their mandate to them, unlike the unfortunate majority who regarded politics as an express avenue of self-aggrandizement that is been driven by greed and penchant of looting the treasury to enrich themselves and their cronies.

His uncontested antecedent made his people to once again entrusted their collective destiny in his own hand by reelecting him when he then seek for the second term as a member of the House of Representatives.

His performance as usual was out of this world and that smelted the bond he has with his people. It is the period that brought him not just recognition, general acceptance and above large number of fellowship not just from the people of his constituency, but the entire state.

 For his generosity cut across all cadre of people and was not just an exclusive preserve of the people of his constituency.

After serving for the second term, an astronomical number of followers then cajoled, pleaded and unanimously called him to contest for the position of number one citizen in the state having had absolute confidence in his ability and capability to transform the state and made it a center of attraction and emulation.

It was then a period of amalgamation of several parties and different interested groups that ganged up together to ouster out the ruling party at the national level PDP which then placed the nation on the route to total destruction and extinction in every sphere of our collective desire and aspirations as one nation. The man gracefully answered the call of his followers and decided to contest for governorship as demanded. He became one of the most popular and loved candidate whom majority believed would surely deliver the mandate and serve people judiciously with responsibilities bestowed on him as usual.

But he was unfortunately subjected to Kwankwaso deceptive tendency and misguided political shenanigans.

It was a turbulent period and confusion reigned supreme in the newly formed party in the state due to nonchalant attitudes displayed by the sitting governor towards his personal choice of successor. He failed to state categorically who he prepared as a candidate or pinpoint any direction where his mind rest as regards to the choice of the party candidates.

The fact that several candidates then have openly started their campaign and huge amount of resources had gone down the drain in regards to their scrambling for the top seat. It was an open secret then that the presumed all powerful politician who loves to dictate things at his whims and caprices was himself in dilemma over the choice of his successor.

 The current governor of the state Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje who was then among the contestants have not received signal, message or any indication from the then sitting governor in regards to his been chosen or even considered as the party candidates.

In fact, events later unfolded which led to revelation that surfaced few years later that our highly achieving governor was never a prepared candidate of Kwankwaso and it was the pressure from group of few and fearless politicians who insisted that Ganduje should be given the nod to serve as the party flag bearer that made him succumb.

 Kawu Sumaila was then from one of the opposition party that formed APC and it was evident that he had the most powerful structure outside the ruling party and would surely proved to be a strong and unpredictable contestant if the issue of choosing party candidate led to primary election.

 Kwankwaso was decided to made false and unkept promises to candidates who vividly has massive fellowship to rally round behind the party choice of His Excellency Ganduje as the governor, a decision which is today been hailed, applauded and commended due to the unprecedented achievements Ganduje has later recorded which was undeniably first of its kind in the administration of the state since it’s inception.

 But the borne of contention here and the issue that merited mentioning was the deceptive way in which Kwankwaso used to let Kawu abandoned his ambition. It was reliably gathered that he promised Kawu Sumaila a seat of Deputy governor in exchange of his frightening massive fellowship and support. In the end, he betrayed, lied and deceived the promising politician, by dusting out their prior arrangement and pick his own man to serve as deputy.

 Kawu Sumaila accepted the decision despites the open deception and lack of sticking to gentleman agreement they made with former civilian dictator and wholeheartedly used everything at his disposal to ensure the success of the party at both state and national level.

 His contribution, dedication and absolute loyalty to the cause which centered on the success of the party superb, outshines and outgrow the then sitting Governor who later turned out to be a mere power monger who wants remote control the sitting governor after the election.

 Honourable Kawu Sumaila absolute faith, dedication and ability to accept fate is what attracted sympathy and support from both the State government and Presidency.

In recognition of his sterling qualities and unmeasurable contributions to the success of the party, the Presidency then appointed him as Senior Special Adviser to the President on House of Representatives matters.

A position he held and performed exceptionally well to the delight of the party and the presidency.

 It was on record that no single case of open confrontation between the Presidency and House of Representatives occurred due to his maturity and exceptional mastery of politics and its intrigues.

 It was an open secret that the majority number of populace from the zone are complaining of lacking developmental projects as a result of what they referred as poor representation from the sitting Senator from the zone in the person of Senator Kabiru Gaya who have been there for long without any tangible projects to pinpoint.

 It is widely known that Kawu Sumaila was one of the natural and truthful loyalist of His Excellency Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje and their relationship have been mutual based on respect and natural admiration of their respective love and sacrifice towards the people of the state. And Kawu loyalty, belief and respect of His Excellency is solemnly build based on the Ganduje uncontested and unrivalled zeal to transformed the state and made it a reference point in the nation political arena. And during the keenly contested primary election between the present occupier and Kawu Sumaila, it was reported that if not for the massive electoral fraud and political daylight robbery which was programmed, dubiously executed by the camp of the present Senator with connivance of some greedy and conscience bank corrupted officials, Kawu Sumaila would have been the winner of the election.

 It was reliably gathered that proofs of election malpractice and outright manipulations that took place during the so-called primary election are in stock, carefully gathered and documented to challenge the result in court which would surely favoured Kawu Sumaila in any court of law.

 It has been revealed even by man himself that a contingent of delegates were sent by His Excellency the Governor to accept the offer for the general interest of the party and it’s peaceful coexistence. Note that, every mortal in the state including the delegates sent to pacify him knows that he was the authentic winner and his victory was robbed.

Now 2023 election is around the corner, and the Charmin, humble, humanist and Intellectually endowed politician would be back to the battle front to seek and reclaim what is rightfully belongs to him. It goes without any iota of doubt that the man called leader has really earned the coined title due to his uncontested and unchallenged leadership qualities that are rare among our present day politician.

 For leader is always committed to making impact that would benefit his followers and the leaded. The next coming election would prove to the world that the loyal, trusted, tireless and Intellectually endowed politician would carpet the present sitting Senator in any electoral contest.

 Several factors favours him and placed him far ahead of his competitors. His fellowship is huge and unrivalled.

Humble and extraordinarily generous, his past antecedents that hooked millions of voters who are yearning for the return of a better days, and capped it with their powerful, influential, humanitarian and exclusive forum of three political soul mate which is coined as Tri-patied that is refers as “ Yan Uku” ( a group of 3) which consists of himself, the former speaker and now member Federal House of Representatives, Hon. Kabiru Alhassan Rurum and the serial election winner, Hon. Alhassan Ado Doguwa, the Majority Leader Federal House of Representatives.

As such, 2023 election would no doubt brought back the smile on the faces of people from that senatorial zone and naturally mark a new dawn in the political arena.

Take note that a wounded lion is coming to reclaim his jungle and his expected victory would just be a matter of time. Let get set for the return of an authentic leader that would glitter the political horizon in the upcoming political contest. Only time would tell.

 Shariff Aminu Ahlan is a lecturer at Sa’adatu Rimi College of Education Kano, 08034533848, 09084305448 realahlan0101@

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