June 22, 2021
Ganduje’s 6-year administration: Ministries present score cards Ganduje 6-year administration

Ganduje’s 6-year administration: Ministries present score cards

By Usman UsmanGarba

Kano State Government has, under the leadership of Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, presented  its various achievements, section by section, that is from different ministries in the last six years in office as elected government with strong promise to do more in the next years in office.

The presentation of the achievements was made recently at Coronation Hall, Government House, as some of the commissioners highlighted the success of their ministries due to the shortage of time.

In his speech, the governor of the state recapitulated what had been presented by the ministries as the achievements of his administration starting with the Ministry of Education as a lot has been achieved.

He said: “We already made it clear that the education in Kano State is free and compulsory from primary to secondary schools education.

“We know that the policy of free and compulsory education is heavily loaded especially when looking at the issue which has to be taken care of for successful implementation of the programme.”

He also added that: “Firstly, what is important is political will. Another thing is that of funding. Funding of education is very important. Therefore, I would like to inform you that we have succeeded for UBEC Counterpart Funding (UCF) right from 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

“We have paid our entire counterpart funding to UBEB for the execution of programmes and projects in education.

“We have contributed billions of Naira and the Federal Government also succeeded in paying billions of Naira for the execution of various projects and programmes in education.”

The state government has also succeeded in rehabilitation and the building of new classrooms, the building and rehabilitation of toilets, the distribution of instructional materials, the training of unqualified teachers and as well as providing the upkeep funds to schools instead of collecting school fees .

“We have paid our secondary schools some upkeep funding every month,” he added.

He added that apart from counterpart funding, Kano state government has introduced Education Trust Fund (ETF) whereby five percent of IGR and one percent of local government are used for the contribution to the development of education in the state.

Also, education contributory scheme where two per cent have been taken away is used for education which makes its success in the state.

He explained that additionally, concerning the Almajir system which the state has reformed, three mega schools had made across the state and they are working very well for Almajiri to have both Western and Islamic knowledge simultaneously.

In the health sector, the administration has succeeded in Contributory Health Scheme (CHS) where civil servants are provided with free medical service to them and to their families.

The government has also been upgrading four hospitals to 400 beds in the four Emirates including the sections of eye clinic, dental clinic, ear clinic as well as laboratories.

In order to reduce the medical tourism abroad, the state government has established an Ultramodern Cancer Treatment Center for over N7 billion including construction and equipment which would be the best and the most well-equipped cancer treatment cancer in the country, and would be completed by December, this year.

The governor added by saying: “We have also successfully fought the pandemic of COVID-19 in the state by isolating it. But that does not mean we will relent in our efforts. We have so far recruited over 1,000 COVID-19 Marshals to help our people comply with COVID-19 protocols.”

In the field of local government administration, the governor stated that: “We are operating  state/local governments joint projects where local government contribute some amount and the state government contribute some amount for executing some important projects across the local governments.”

For empowerment, the issue of unemployment has drastically reduced in the state as the governor made empowerment to fish sellers, tea sellers as well as sending many youths to Kaduna State for Automobile Mechanic Training, besides many other empowerments.

“So far, we see 200 youths who are receiving their offers this afternoon. We have the total of 625 auto-mechanic youths training in the state, and this including women. They are auto-mechanic engineers.

“They are auto-mechanic wheel alarming/balancing engineers. They are auto-mechanic penel-bitting. Women for that purpose,” he added.

The governor was quoted saying: “In order to get it right, we have undertaken a research and investigation in public and private sectors and to see which skills, if our youths have been taught, will be able to be self-reliant.

Thus, the state government has built an Ultramodern Skills Acquisition Center in order to bridge the gap in terms of unemployment as it named the centre as Dangote Ultramodern Skills Acquisition Center for his contributions to the economic development of the country and some African countries as well, which the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria would soon commission.

Dr. Ganduje also explained how Kano became peaceful since the commencement of his tenure in 2015 as he said: “Kano is one of the most peaceful states in the country. There is no any form of violence and people live in harmony without tribalism, religious conflict and any other form of molestation bothering the country.

“We will continue doing our best to maintain the peaceful atmosphere in the state. We are at this juncture, thanking all our security agencies for the good job in this sector.

“I will not forget our workers in the state. Without them many things could not have been achieved. We are very grateful with our workers.

“We also believe that, when there is any issue between us, we believe that dialogue and clear understanding of issues are options for peaceful working relationship between us. We pay our monthly salary without any delay,” he disclosed.

In his remarks, the Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Engr. Hamisu Ibrahim Chidari, said in the last six years of the administration the House has approved more than 100 resolutions for the period under review and have passed more than 60 bills into laws.

He listed, among others: “Kano State Investment Promotion Agency Law, 2015 (1436 AH), Kano State Contributory Health Care Management Law, 2016 (1437 AH), Kano State Health Trust Fund Law, 2017 (1438 AH), Kano State Ultra-Modern Hospital, 2018 (1439 AH), and Kano State Emir’s (Appointment and Deposition) (Amendment) Law 2019 (1440 AH).” The occasion was attended by members of the state Assembly, those of the National Assembly, Emirs, party leaders and elders, local government chairmen and student bodies, among others.

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