August 6, 2022
Customs officers in Kano vaccinated

Customs officers in Kano vaccinated

Stories by Patrick O. Onu

The comptroller of the Nigeria Customs Service in Kano/ Jigawa Area Command, Mr. S. P. Umar, officer in-charge of Enforcement, Mr. R. F. Saleh, other senior officers and the entire personnel in the state, have been vaccinated with AstraZeneca vaccine according to the protocol order. Receiving the short, SP Umar said administering the vaccine in him showed that there is no harm in it. He directed for immediate compliance from all officers working in the two states.

However, prior to the arrival of the vaccine in the country and the state, the state government had engaged stakeholders from the front liners such as health workers, security agents, journalists, traditional and community leaders, religious, political, business men/women, captains of industries, students and youth organizations among others. Dialogues were pertinent issues regarding suspicions, fears and doubts about the vaccine.

 Also with this development, hope, encouragement and acceptance were restored in the minds of the masses, making it easier for the exercise to sail through.

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