August 6, 2022
2023: Elect Al-Mustapha as president, Nigerians advised Hamza Al-Mustapha

2023: Elect Al-Mustapha as president, Nigerians advised

From Yahaya Wakili, Damaturu

The proprietor of Philips Nursing Home and Maternity/Ultrasound Ltd, Dr. Philip Jonathan has urged the people of the country to elect former Chief Security Officer to late Head of State, General Sani Abacha, Major Hamza Al-Mustapha (rtd.) in the 2023 presidential election.

Dr. Jonathan, who disclosed this to newsmen at Kukar Gadu in Yobe State, stated that the former Chief Security Officer has all it takes to curtail the security challenges bedeviling the nation.

He added that Al-mustapha is a young man, reiterating that with the position he held during the administration of late General Abacha, he definitely possesses all the quality needed of the man that can march words with actions.

According to him, Al-mustapha knows all the security structures very well, he knows all the political implication from all the regions of the country, he knows people and he has the nation at heart.

“For me, this is the very person that we need at this time in order to tackle the challenges that we are facing now in the country,” Dr. Jonathan said.

On the agitation by some people to split the country, Dr. Jonathan said, splitting it is not the best and is not going to be in the interest of any ethics group.

“We can see that the North has a lot of land and has a lot of teeming population and the South East, particularly, is a very small area, if you consider and impose it with places like North Eastern Nigeria, the whole South East is not up to may be Borno and Adamawa States all together.

“But now with the diversity of Nigeria, they have places like Sokoto, like Kano, Maiduguri to run their business and we have some raw materials in the North.

“There is none in the South and we should know that oil is going to be absolute issue may be 2030 or there about, because all machineries are going solar or hydrogen,” Dr. Jonathan stated.

He said: “In this case, a time is coming when oil is no longer going to be available or a good source of the income for the country, South Easterners or South Westerners will equally rely upon some of solid mineral resources that we have here.”

Dr. Jonathan revealed that: “We have abundance of sunlight in the North and when we plant solar panels, it is going to replace the Kainji or Shiroro dams’ electricity supply for the nation.

“So, the Southerners need the Northerners as well as Northerners need the Southerners. So, for us to live together, it is very important.”

He added: “One thing that I would like all Nigerians to understand from our leaders to those in the House of Assembly, those in the House of Representatives, state governors and like so ever, justice is very paramount in administering a multi-ethnic country like Nigeria.”

Dr. Jonathan further said: “When you do justice to these people, you do justice to others, there will be no problem. So, we can live together peaceful in harmony and happily.”

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